Paul Gill Talks Lomiko’s Graphite Project

Financial Post reported and interview with Lomiko’s (TSXV:LMR) President and CEO Paul Gill regarding the company’s graphite projects in Quebec.

As quoted in the interview:

RW: What’s the significance of finding large-flake graphite at Quatre Milles?

PG: Something that’s been confirmed with Northern Graphite (V.NGC) is that the flake size is more desirable if it’s larger simply because you can make different elements with it. Electric-vehicle manufacturers are looking for a spherical-granular structure for the graphite they use in their batteries. The greater the size of the flake, the higher the price.

The next biggest issue is recovery. The type of host rock that’s here, part of the reason we took it is because the metallurgist, Michel Robert, actually staked this land. The type of marble in this area allows for the graphite flakes to pop out easily, and the recovery rate is quite high, so your strip ratio goes down.
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