Zenyatta: Ultra-High Purity Found In Unique Discovery

Given the frequency of its attention this year, it’s fair to say that 2012 was the year of graphite. Much of its attraction comes from the increasingly high-tech demand in applications such as Li-ion batteries, fuel cells, vanadium-redox batteries, pebble bed reactors and graphene, just to name a few.

Highlights from market news:

- Global market demands 2.5 million tonnes and that amount is growing

- High purity graphite; often synthetic graphite accounts for 1.5 million tonnes annually. Synthetic graphite tops natural graphite by a rough margin of $13 billion to $2 billion

- This discovery for Zenyatta Ventures (ZEN:CA) will allow the company to compete against synthetic supplies. First test yielded 97.2% purity, less than 1% of the worlds graphite output comes from this type of deposit

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