Anglo Swiss Resources Inc. (TSXV:ASW) reported that four large electromagnetic conductors have been uncovered on its Blu Starr Flake Graphite property located in BC.

As quoted in the press release:

Four large EM conductors are identified in the 2012 survey adding to the list of exploration targets including a previously outlined 3 km long conductor associated with the Tedesco flake graphite showings. The new targets include a 1.5 km long conductor in the southwest and three conductors, measuring up to 2.4 km, in the central portion of the property along the south side of Perry Peak . The three conductors on the south side of Perry Peak occur within similar elevations as Tedesco, located 3 km away on the north side of Perry Peak , suggesting a possible connection as host rocks at Tedesco are relatively flat lying to very shallow southward dipping. Geophysical modelling of two of the central conductors suggests thick, relatively flat lying anomalies as well.

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