Big North Graphite Corp. (TSXV:NRT) appointed Fernando Durazo as Site Manager of the Nuevo San Pedro Mine in Sonora, Mexico.

As quoted in the press release:

Mr. Durazo’s duties will be the onsite management of the mining and shipping of graphite from Big North’s concessions in Sonora. Mr. Durazo has more than seventeen years experience working in the graphite mines of Sonora. Mr. Durazo is a native of Sonora Mexico and has an extensive background in mining, blasting, drilling and construction.

Big North Graphite Corp. President, Spiro Kletas said:

We welcome Fernando Durazo to our team and welcome his knowledge and expertise in the mining of graphite in Sonora Mexico. We are excited about the continued development on our graphite portfolio in Mexico and believe that Mr. Durazo will be a valuable asset towards the Company’s goal of accelerating the re-start of the Nuevo San Pedro mine.

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