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Infographic: Graphene “Could Change Everything”

In today's Friday Digest, Visual Capitalist republished an infographic called "Graphene: The 2D Material That Could Change Everything." If you missed it back when it was posted in 2012, here's your chance to take a look.

China the Top Graphite Exporter in 2014′s First Five Months

Writing for InvestorIntel, Hongpo Shen reported that China was the world's top graphite exporter during the first five months of 2014, sending out 52,137 tons of flake graphite. That volume has some hoping the Asian nation will impose quotas on its exports of the metal.

Scientists Use Lithium to Make New Type of Graphite Sheet

The Daily Fusion reported that using lithium, scientists at the University of Maryland Energy Research Center and Australia's Monash University have made a graphite sheet that is transparent and highly conductive. It could be used in solar cells, flexible displays and touchscreens.