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Scientists Search for Graphene Applications

The New Yorker published an article that tackles the question of what exactly graphene will be used for. Widely considered a "wonder material," there is some concern that excitement about graphene will come to naught if that question can't be answered.

China May Have Hit Peak Graphite: Simon Moores

In the latest issue of Benchmark Mineral Intelligence, analyst Simon Moores states that in 2014, China's share of natural graphite output will sink by 15 percent, hitting "levels not seen since the mid-1990s when the country began exporting to international markets."

Graphite, Graphene Companies Sank in November

InvestorIntel reported that in November, shares of graphite and graphene companies fell 8.61 percent despite the fact that "favorable resource updates" were not scarce. Those circumstances could present a buying opportunity for investors.

Graphene May Have Applications in Fuel Cell Technology

Graphene-Info reported that researchers have discovered that protons can pass through graphene, which is impermeable to gas and liquids. The news could mean graphene is usable in fuel cell technology.

India a Graphite Producer to Watch

Industrial Minerals published an article that looks at India's current graphite industry and future potential. The country is one of the world's top five graphite producers, according to data from the US Geological Survey.